Using Clothing to Promote Your Business

Neat stacks of folded clothing on the shop shelvesEmbroidered promotional products and clothing are a terrific way to promote your business. It gets your logo or product message in front of, and eventually on your potential customers while giving you exposure to their friends and family. It also helps you brand your company wherever your promotional product is seen.

Here are some ways in which you can use clothing to promote your business.

  • Use your own staff. Providing good-looking embroidered golf shirts for your staff helps them look good and helps build a sense of team. Encourage them to wear the shirts when volunteering in the community. Allow them to buy additional shirts. Even the smallest of landscaping companies can look more professional in nice, embroidered golf shirts.
  • Sponsor community or non-profit events. Use promotional clothing to outfit a group of volunteers cleaning up your community, or for a group involved in a fun-run. Imagine a large group in a parade wearing your logo on screen printed T-shirts.  Not only do you gain visibility in these circumstances, you your get your name associated with community involvement.
  • Use as promotional giveaways. If your company has a booth at a fair or festival, T-shirt giveaways can be very popular and will promote your brand long after the event.  Don’t just hand them out however, make them special. Give them away as part of a variety of promotional items on a prize wheel.
  • Use for political campaigns and causes. Promotional clothing is innovative way to get a candidate’s name known or a certain proposition noticed. If you or someone you know are involved in a political effort, consider how promotional clothing can help get your message across.
  • Create a marketing campaign. Use promotional clothing to outfit of team to hand out coupons or free samples. They will immediately be recognizable and more approachable.

We have dozens of ideas for a variety of companies. If you would like to discuss how our quality, embroidered products can help your company, contact us.

As we like to say, Embroider This…Promote That!

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