The Importance of Onboarding & New Hire Packages

While recruiting talented employees is crucial to the success of a company, what matters most is the employees in which they retain. What is your first step after hiring an employee? Do you simply show them to their barren desk and introduce them to the individual who will be training them? Onboarding is a crucial aspect of the hiring process if you are looking to retain top quality employees that will fully integrate themselves within your business model.

New hire packages are the perfect way to invite new employees to join the team. As they arrive to their desk with a beautiful package filled with items that identify themselves as a member of your organization’s team, they will be more inclined to work hard to exceed your expectations and goals. They will arrive at the office each day with a smile on their face, while sporting company attire. Compiled is a list of items you should include in your new hire packages:

  • Zippered Padfolio – Your new employee will carry their new Padfolio with them wherever they go to remain organized, sporting the company logo during their everyday errands. Being able to start their new job with a fresh Padfolio will set them up on the path of success.
  • Slip Laptop Briefcase – How will your new employee carry their laptop to and from the office? In their company sponsored laptop briefcase of course! All of their personal belongings can be organized in the briefcase, providing them with convenience as they promote the organization.
  • Polo Shirt – A polo shirt is one of the most exciting new hire gifts an employee can receive. This polo shirt will have your new employee truly feeling like part of the team. The fit experts at Embroider This…Promote That can guide you in the direction of choosing the right sizes and brands so that you can avoid expensive mistakes.
  • A Set of Pens – Provide your new employee with a set of company sponsored pens. They will use their new pen to sign checks in and out of the office.

Contact Embroider This…Promote That in the Conejo Valley of California for all of your promotional needs. As a full scale distributer of promotional products, we can help ensure that you compile the perfect new hire package to retain only the best employees. Whether you are looking for apparel, promotional items, or a combination of both, we can ensure that your concept and budget will be met.

Technology & Mobile Promotional Products

With society’s heavy dependence on technology, promotional products have had to integrate themselves into the tech world, in order to provide recipients with more convenience. In today’s business world, it is nearly impossible to conduct business operations without technology. Therefore, promotional products that tend to the typical business person’s needs provide the most benefits. Incorporate these useful promotional products into your next anniversary gift or new hire package:

  • Custom Silicone Mobile Device Case – Nearly every business professional has a smart phone in need of a protective case. This protective silicone case will not only keep phones safe while promoting your company, but it will also secure all important items such as credit cards, drivers licenses, business cards, etc.
  • Stylus Pen – Your company logo will be in the hands of every consumer that uses this stylus pen. With tablets becoming crucial in today’s business world, styluses provide convenience in completing touch screen tasks. You can also provide your employees with styluses that are fully equipped with an LED light and laser pointer so that they can promote the organization during all of their presentations.
  • USB Optical Travel Mouse – This convenient device will allow users to pull out a mini mouse on the go to ease business communications. Your company logo will follow them on all their business travels.
  • Small Tablet / E-reader Case – With the majority of the business world depending on their tablets for business convenience, providing clients and employees with this opportune promotion product will get your company logo out there. As they carry their tablet with them from business meeting to business meeting, your logo will be in front of the eyes of all consumers.

Contact Embroider This…Promote That in the Conejo Valley of California for all of your promotional needs. As a full scale distributer of promotional products, we can help ensure that you comply with current business trends and provide employees and consumers with the most useful promotional items. Whether you are looking for apparel, promotional items, or a combination of both, we can ensure that your concept and budget will be met.

Use Promotional Products to Celebrate Your Company’s Anniversary

Celebrating an anniversary as a company is a milestone worth celebrating .   It shows that all of the hard work has paid off and that you are a successful company.  Anniversaries demonstrate longevity which in turn, inspires confidence.   A company celebrating its  5th , 10th or 25th Anniversary indicates knowledge and depth of experience, no matter the field.   Planning ahead for your anniversary celebration can lead to a more successful use of apparel and promotional items.

Some suggestions to celebrate your anniversary year include:

  • As far in advance as possible, start thinking about your  logo.  Do you want to utilize a commemorative design?   It can be as simple as adding text to your existing logo or you may want to involve a graphic designer to create a special anniversary logo that incorporates your existing one.
  • You may want to provide each employee with an anniversary gift.  Whether a golf shirt, cap, commemorative t-shirt or messenger bag, team membership during an anniversary year can create pride in the present and create excitement for the future.
  • Those same items can be given to key clients or t-shirts may be distributed at trade shows and events during your anniversary year.
  •  Coffee mugs. An item that most people use every day, a special anniversary edition coffee mug can be a one-size-fits-all way to get the word out.    A travel mug can be easily customized, boxed and wrapped as a celebration piece.   Alternatively, a simple ceramic coffee mug with your anniversary logo and can be filled with candies, chocolates, jelly beans or herbal teas or anything else that communicates a positive reminder of your company.

Contact Embroider This…Promote That! in the Conejo Valley, California for all of your promotional needs. As a full scale distributor of promotional products, we can help ensure that you find the perfect promotional product to send out as an anniversary gift.   Whether it’s apparel, promotional items or a combination of both, we will be there to ensure that your concept and your budget are perfectly in synch.

Secrets of Spirit Wear

It’s early summer… are you ready for back  to school?   School Spirit wear covers a large territory from elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond.  It can be as simple as a basic tee with the school logo for wearing on “Spirit Day” or as individualized as clubs and teams desire.    Knowing your budget and what you want to achieve can make all the difference even before choosing  apparel.

  • High School Booster Clubs used to be a one-size-fits-all operation with generic high school athletics items.   Not so much these days.  Each team can have their own needs and want something specific to suit them.   Basic cotton tee shirts remain the best option for hitting budgets and that’s where design becomes critically important.   But there are many more options to promote team and school spirit.
  • Knowing a School or Team requirement for apparel and for design work is vital.   Some schools are easy-breezy and are fine with almost anything.  Others are very particular about styles…  How sheer is too sheer?  How short is too short?   If the school colors are Royal and Gold is it okay to use Black apparel?  Is it okay to change the school’s logo?
  • Spirit Wear for parents…  There is nothing like going to a game and seeing all the fans wearing Spirit Wear.  A stadium or gymnasium awash in red caps with Red tee shirts and sweatshirts speaks volumes.  It  communicates to everyone in attendance that the parents at this school love and support their kids.
  •  Seeing adults wearing custom, high-quality tackle-twill appliquéd sweatshirts that rival those of your local colleges and universities can feed a sense of community and commonality.  It starts conversations and opens doors… all while enabling individual teams to raise extra funds.
  • Choosing the right combination of apparel and designs can vary greatly from one school to another.

Contact Embroider This…Promote That!  and be confident that our expertise in design, apparel and school needs  can ease the process of choosing the best items for the best results.   We pay attention to all the details so every Spirit Wear program is a winner.



How Promotional Products Make A Big Impact

Promotional products doodleGrabbing the attention of consumers has never been easy, but today there are more options than ever for advertising. Promotional products remain one of the best ways to reach out and make a connection. Those connections turn into clients and sales, and there’s hard evidence to back these claims up if you check out how these items have grown in popularity just in the last few years.

Sustained Growth

The Advertising Specialty Institute reports that the industry for products used to promote is now worth over $20 billion dollars, making it the third largest marketing industry behind television and digital ads. This part of the advertising world managed to rise past print and other formats because there’s a concrete value to tangible items. Giving a stranger an useful item builds a lot more goodwill than just bombarding them with images and text telling them what to do.

Reuse Factor Is High

A newspaper insert is seen once and discarded, but promotional products stay in the home or office for many valuable viewings. The Promotional Products Association International says that their studies found 53% of people reused their items at least once a week. Imagine the power of inserting your business name and logo into a home where it’s seen weekly for months or even years.

Making A Friend

Promotional products work because they create a connection with an individual. Even when you are simply sending key chains or t-shirts out by mail, you are communicating with the receiver to let them know you care. Reaching out and making a fan means you also benefit from the friends of your new associate. One popular person wearing your branded product could get the message out to dozens of others in one day.

No matter how you choose to use promotional products in California, Embroider This… Promote That! is ready to help.