Secrets of Spirit Wear

It’s early summer… are you ready for back  to school?   School Spirit wear covers a large territory from elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond.  It can be as simple as a basic tee with the school logo for wearing on “Spirit Day” or as individualized as clubs and teams desire.    Knowing your budget and what you want to achieve can make all the difference even before choosing  apparel.

  • High School Booster Clubs used to be a one-size-fits-all operation with generic high school athletics items.   Not so much these days.  Each team can have their own needs and want something specific to suit them.   Basic cotton tee shirts remain the best option for hitting budgets and that’s where design becomes critically important.   But there are many more options to promote team and school spirit.
  • Knowing a School or Team requirement for apparel and for design work is vital.   Some schools are easy-breezy and are fine with almost anything.  Others are very particular about styles…  How sheer is too sheer?  How short is too short?   If the school colors are Royal and Gold is it okay to use Black apparel?  Is it okay to change the school’s logo?
  • Spirit Wear for parents…  There is nothing like going to a game and seeing all the fans wearing Spirit Wear.  A stadium or gymnasium awash in red caps with Red tee shirts and sweatshirts speaks volumes.  It  communicates to everyone in attendance that the parents at this school love and support their kids.
  •  Seeing adults wearing custom, high-quality tackle-twill appliquéd sweatshirts that rival those of your local colleges and universities can feed a sense of community and commonality.  It starts conversations and opens doors… all while enabling individual teams to raise extra funds.
  • Choosing the right combination of apparel and designs can vary greatly from one school to another.

Contact Embroider This…Promote That!  and be confident that our expertise in design, apparel and school needs  can ease the process of choosing the best items for the best results.   We pay attention to all the details so every Spirit Wear program is a winner.