How Promotional Products Make A Big Impact

Promotional products doodleGrabbing the attention of consumers has never been easy, but today there are more options than ever for advertising. Promotional products remain one of the best ways to reach out and make a connection. Those connections turn into clients and sales, and there’s hard evidence to back these claims up if you check out how these items have grown in popularity just in the last few years.

Sustained Growth

The Advertising Specialty Institute reports that the industry for products used to promote is now worth over $20 billion dollars, making it the third largest marketing industry behind television and digital ads. This part of the advertising world managed to rise past print and other formats because there’s a concrete value to tangible items. Giving a stranger an useful item builds a lot more goodwill than just bombarding them with images and text telling them what to do.

Reuse Factor Is High

A newspaper insert is seen once and discarded, but promotional products stay in the home or office for many valuable viewings. The Promotional Products Association International says that their studies found 53% of people reused their items at least once a week. Imagine the power of inserting your business name and logo into a home where it’s seen weekly for months or even years.

Making A Friend

Promotional products work because they create a connection with an individual. Even when you are simply sending key chains or t-shirts out by mail, you are communicating with the receiver to let them know you care. Reaching out and making a fan means you also benefit from the friends of your new associate. One popular person wearing your branded product could get the message out to dozens of others in one day.

No matter how you choose to use promotional products in California, Embroider This… Promote That! is ready to help.