Current Trends in Promotional Apparel

T  shirts.   Is there anything more important for summer events?    While basic, heavyweight White or Black tee shirts have their place,  there’s a lot more to Tees than there used to be.  Ask yourself what you’d rather wear.  Soft and light or heavier and more substantial?   Summer events might call for something lighter…  Can you get coordinating  mens and women’s tees?   Tees for corporate events can be as creative and exciting as a client as their budget will allow.  Embroider This… can guide you through the maze of styles, fabrics, and colors while advising you on the best decorating techniques for each fabric.   What’s trending right now?   Here are just a few:

  • Camouflage.   It’s not just for hunting anymore.  Camo has gone mainstream and in a multitude of colors and designs, it can be used to call attention to team spirit.   Pink Camo tees for men and women can give your next October charity event an edge to get you noticed.   Urban Camo can change-up a corporate event or team building exercise.   Hot new tanks for ladies  and men in classic camo colors can create excitement with something new but also that come in a large size range.
  • Burn-outs.  Are they burned out?  No, they’re  transforming.  Burn-out tanks… raglan baseball tees… Mixing some burnout elements with high quality tee shirts gives you the incredible comfort and light weight with a fresh look.
  • V-neck.  Women have been demanding v-neck tees for a long time because they know they’re comfortable as well as flattering.   Men of all ages are discovering that v-neck tees work for them as well.   Even a slight “ V” at the neck creates a comfort zone and is flattering too!   Embroider This… knows that while there are some who want a deep, revealing V-neck tee, most of the time, our clients want a good, practical not too-high, not too-low v-neck.   We’ve tried them all so you don’t have to!   Crew necks are classic – but sometimes a V-neck can make all the difference.  No matter what your goal, count on Embroider This… to help you achieve  just the right look.

Contact Embroider This…Promote That! with all of your promotional product needs.  As a local Conejo Valley company, we give you  a more personal way to create all of your promotional items for your business, school or non-profit.  We stay up to date with all of the latest fashion and decorating trends.  When you aren’t quite sure which way to go, our expertise and personal interaction  will guide you through the entire process to make sure you end up with exactly the result you want to achieve.    When it comes to promotional apparel, it’s personal.